Unnao rape case: Court Against MLA Kuldeep sengar

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Unnao rape case: Court Against MLA Kuldeep sengar

The Delhi Court has said about Mr.Kuldeep Singh Sengar. Being a legislator, The court is going to charge Against him it may be a Fine ora punishment. For raping a minor girl in Unnao 2017.

Delhi Courts Charges has Taken under section 3 and section 4. These charges are Refered to a sexual assault against a child and its punishment. Section 5c and Section 6 was modified to the POCSO Act on August 9. The are now Known as a public servant committing penetrative sexual assault against a child and its punishment.

The charges are being like to being changed. They will going to be now a Some punishment of 10 years in the jail unlike under section 3. In past times it was of the seven years.

Questions are what will be the maximum punishment for both the guys is charged is life imprisonment ?

“We have find that there is one more prima facie case to alter. The charge from under section 3 and 4 of the POCSO. These will Act against to the Sengar to under section 5 (c) read with the second is under section 6 of the POCSO Act…,” Said by District Judge Dharmesh Sharma”.

The Delhi court is like to be Change its charges according to or against Sengar’s accomplice.

The Changes in charges are going to be considerd the submissions made by The Advocate Dharmendra Mishra and The other one is Poonam Kaushik, They are going appear for victums mothers The support system is come from The prosecutor of senior public Mr.Ashok Bhartendu on behalf of the CBI.

Is the court had on 9 August will put a trial the MLA, expelled from BJP ?

They said that The charges were found against Sengar. For the doing allegedly conspiring with co-accused Miss.Shashi Singh to bring the girl. To the legislator resident on the pretext for taking the job. Sexually assaulting is a Crime and her and threatening to harm her and the members of family if she disclosed the incident to anyone They Will going to be charged and Fined.

The Delhi court is also going to charged against Shashi Singh. For taking the girl to Sengar’s house on June 4. 2017 without the informing to her parents with the knowledge. that she would be subjected to rape and Big charges.

What will be charges?

The charges are going to be charged against the MLA will Include a :-

  • sections 376 (1)(rape)
  • 363 (kidnapping),
  • 366 (kidnapping and in other word it include a woman to compel for marriage etc.)
  • 120 B (criminal conspiracy)
  • And 506 (criminal intimidation).

These are the Punishable under India Penal Code. And under sections 3 and section 4. These are stands for penetrative sexual assault of the POCSO and Protection of Child from Sexual Offences Act.

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